A Visit from the Leprechaun???

Who out there has heard of leprechauns visiting little children the night before St. Patrick’s Day? Can someone please tell me when this became a tradition? My 8-year-old nephew was playing with a neighbor girl last weekend and she proceeded to tell him that the ‘Leprechaun’ had come to her house and left her gold coins, candy and a toy. Consequently, he couldn’t wait to get home and look under his pillow to see what the Leprechaun had left for him. In an effort to try and tame his disappointment (knowing the sad reality), I casually suggested that maybe Leprechauns only visit families who are really and truly Irish. Of course this embarked a statement that our family is also a bit Irish, so he wouldn’t be left out. Upon returning home, he met up with some other kids in his neighborhood who proceeded to tell him about the goodies the Leprechaun had left for them. Later, after checking under his pillow, he sadly approached me and in a small, defeated voice said “I guess the Leprechaun skipped our house this year” and walked off. Ahh! What a pull on the heartstrings. I almost wanted to run out and buy him a bag full of chocolate gold coins, making up some story about how they were left in my car by accident.

So tell me, when did the Leprechaun join the ranks of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Have I been living so long outside of the US that I didn’t know about the little green fellow making personal visits to all the children of the world? And shouldn’t there be someone announcing things like this so that all parents (and aunties) are in the loop? I mean really, you don’t want your child or nephew to feel left out of these critical holiday traditions!!!  Umm…wait a minute…so when did St. Patrick’s Day become a critical holiday? In my day, it was all about wearing green and getting pinched if you didn’t. Of course,  once I turned 21, it was also about drinking green beer (and occasionally puking green beer) and singing lewd Irish songs. I’m still confused about how the leprechaun became a gift-giver for children. After all, isn’t the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow with the pot of gold? Isn’t he the mystical, mysterious figure that jumps around and you never really see? I don’t believe that he leads you to the pot of gold, but I could be mistaken. All I ask is that there must be some sort of vote on this thing or agreement or at least a notification, so we don’t have sad little children feeling left out!


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  1. Beth
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 21:07:07

    The holiday candy giving is out of control! Did I tell you my trick for Halloween (pun intended)? The “switch witch” visited our house on Halloween night when some little kids leave all their candy on the doorstep and the “switch witch” takes the candy and replaces it with a small present. At least this removed some candy from our house and forced Daddy to hide his stash.


  2. Fred
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 12:29:25

    Chocolate for St. Patrick’s. Easter, Halloween, Xmas & Birthdays!
    I’m not sure our kids will have teeth when the grow up.
    I think I should buy shares in Krafts!


    • maggieat40
      Mar 28, 2012 @ 15:47:40

      Yep Fred, I think you are right. We are missing the boat on making a financial gain of our kids downfall with sweets! He he. Did the Leprechaun come to visit Ryan? What did he leave him?


  3. Heather
    Mar 24, 2012 @ 20:23:49

    Leprechaun traps — that’s where they leave their gems. Under the pillow is new.
    Chalk this up to 1st grade teachers and their crafty seasonal ideas.


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