For the Love of #$!%…Pet Peeves

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about writing my blog, but doing very little actual writing. Hmmmph. In the meantime, I started a list of the #$@! that just bugs the crap out of me, otherwise known as my pet peeves. Who knew there could be so many? But when you actually start to jot them down – it may surprise you.

1) People who sing in public places. Ok, so you think you’ve got talent. Or you just feel the urge and absolutely just can’t stop the noise from coming out of your mouth. Whatever your reason – if I wanted to hear you sing, I would’ve asked you or gone to your concert. So shut the $%#! up. Get to a choir practice, lock yourself up in your room or your car, belt it out in the shower, but keep it to yourself. You’re not really as good as you think anyway and I’m not in the mood for mediocre entertainment!

2) Girls who wear gym shorts that could double as bikini bottoms. Two points here. Number 1: yes, your body rocks and I am jealous as hell, but number 2: are you going swimming or lifting weights? Make up your mind. Either way, I don’t need to see your ass.

3) Flip flops on lazy people. Just because you have on less of a shoe doesn’t mean you can drag it around. Pick up your damn foot and stop slopping around. It’s annoying. If it’s really that much work, I suggest you go barefoot.

4) Changing rooms in stores with a 6 item clothing limit. For the love of God, do you want me to shop or do you want me to SHOP? I’m not a thief and I’m a much bigger spender when I have lots of options to try on and choose from. You are cramping my style!

5) Crotch sniffing dogs. A literal pet peeve. Get your snout out of my crotch. It’s none of your damn business and you are making me feel like I’ve got something to worry about down there!

6) Bad song remakes. Listen, if you are going to copy someone else’s work, you’d better make it good and put your own spin on it. If you can’t be creative, don’t bother.

7) Commercials at the movie theatre. This is just plain wrong. Previews = movies and commercials = TV. I paid a good $10 to avoid them, not to mention whatever I paid for a few snacks. If I wanted commercials I would have waited for the TV release. Have a little respect for your audience.

8) Committing to do something & then as it gets closer, not wanting to do it. Big problem for me lately. Things sound great in the beginning, but then later it’s really just a drag and I want out. Can anyone say attitude adjustment?

9) Technology in general. The constant reminder of why it would be so helpful to have a man in my life. I’m a late adopter and would rather have someone else figure it all out first.

10) The songs (especially the sloppy romantic ones) that remind you of your youth & days gone by.  Making you want to re-live your those carefree days of no responsibility and a full life ahead. They suck and only succeed at making one feel sad, old and pathetic.

11) Improper steam room attire. Umm..excuse me, you are no longer working out. You are in the steam room. Sneakers and full workout gear not required. Towels and nakedness will suffice. Get a grip. If you are too shy to show a little skin in the steam room, you don’t deserve to be there.

12) Fitness instructors or trainers who lie about how much work is left for you to do. Nothing will piss me off more than a fitness instructor who tells you ‘ok, 8 more. let’s go. Push it.’ You kill yourself, sweating your balls off knowing it’s the last few reps and then she springs this on ya – “Ha. Just kidding. We’re not done. Keep going,” and proceeds to take you down 8 more rounds of 8 reps each. Listen, bitch I just busted my ass for you and gave you the last bit of gas in my engine. Play fair. This is soooo not motivational.

13) Celebrity magazines that talk about how much weight women have just lost after a baby. For one thing, most women have a tendency to lose the baby weight. It’s not so miraculous. Secondly, I don’t think half of those women really even had a baby. They faked it with a surrogate, so of course they still look fabulous.

14) TV shows that start mid-season or have 12-18 month hiatus between seasons or claim 6 shows as a season. Really? You are losing me here.

15) Flight Control App. That stupid game is highly addicting and I can’t ever beat my highest score. Son of a bitch.

16) Manicures. For me, they only last like 3-4 days max before the chipping begins. A big waste of money and time. On the plus side, I’ve just discovered Shellach. I swear it’s the newest and greatest invention since the IPOD! This stuff is magic. My manicure lasted 3 1/2 weeks and my nails grew a ton with no breakage. Love it!

What’s your pet peeve? Share away!


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Karl
    May 07, 2012 @ 20:44:28

    1 Yo! I like to watch people letting go. Admire their courage.
    2 You’re a girl, I’m a guy. I’ll look for myself.
    4 People steal. Thus policy.
    5 Dress down the owner. Now you know why.
    9 We all need self help tech groups.


  2. L @ Trying Not to be Fat
    May 01, 2012 @ 16:40:26

    I totally do 1, but it’s never serious singing, I can’t sing, but it’s hard not to sing along to the radio as I work.

    12 made me laugh, UGH I hate that!!


  3. Fred
    May 01, 2012 @ 08:11:33

    Those silent, deadly, anonymous farts on an 8 hour flight!!!!


  4. Karen Brawley
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 21:29:06

    Ummm…people who bring their dogs into stores and treat them like their babies..get out ! …those big medal toilet paper holders in public bathrooms..people that round off their gas bills at the pump when paying with a credit card (think old men)…tank tops on people that shouldn’t be wearing them…Irish dancers (those straight arms are freaky!) people that run the garbage disposal for 5 minutes no matter what is in it…men who fart and burb constantly …now I’m getting annoyed !!!!


  5. Meghan R.
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 17:05:32

    I already put this on your FB page, but I hate it when people say “lieberry” instead of library. I want to choke them.


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  7. Meg Livingston Asensio
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 11:58:47

    People on a city sidewalk walking and texting, who slow down walking in front of you, or walk straight toward you without looking up to see that they are about to run into you. Heads up, a##hole!

    Margaret, you shouldn’t have gotten me started.


  8. Meg Livingston Asensio
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 11:55:20

    People riding on BART with IPod ear buds that bleed out their obnoxius music so others can hear it. Two or three of those in the same seating area = torture. Turn it down, get earphones that contain the sound so only you can hear it, or turn it off!


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